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How Strict is Cebu Pacific When It Comes to a Realignment Request?

A week ago, I published a review about Cebu Pacific's policy and leniency regarding a carry-on baggage's size and weight. Now, in this post, I'm going to tackle a flight schedule realignment.

If you booked a flight in advance, say six months ahead, there's a chance that your flight schedule will be cancelled and will be realigned to an earlier time or later on the same day. There's a possibility as well that it will be moved to the following day whatever the valid reason Cebu Pacific has for doing so. Usually, if a flight schedule has been realigned, Cebu Pacific will send out a notification to affected passengers via email.

How Strict is Cebu Pacific When It Comes to a Realignment Request?

Lenient. That's how I am going to describe Cebu Pacific as well when it comes to realignment request. Take note, I used the word "request" which means passenger-initiated request. Is that possible? Yes, it is. Say, you will check in two hours before your departure, you may request a re-alignment, for example an earlier flight if you want as long as you can back it up.

Recently, I went to Boracay together with my colleagues and we have different schedules. The first group's departure is scheduled at 5:30 a.m. We were re-aligned as offered by the Cebu Pacific personnel at the check-in counter. We agreed to it as it will be an advantage to us. The early the arrival, the better. Since we have a friend who will fly solo at 11:00 a.m. and who arrived very early at the airport to meet us, we suggested to her to request a re-alignment. She only mentioned that she have friends inside the boarding area already and the lady at the counter approved it. In short, she was transferred to our flight schedule which is great.

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She didn't only do that before our flight to Boracay but during check-in too for our return flight. She mentioned that she wants to join us and we backed her up during her discussion with the Cebu Pacific representative in Caticlan airport. It took only a few minutes before the rep returned to us to deliver the great news that the request has been approved. XD It's free. No change fee or whatsoever.


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