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Not Receiving a Verification Email from Cherry Credits

A few days ago, I'd been through an ordeal of identifying which email address is linked to my Dragon Nest user ID since I would like to buy an item for my beloved Kali. Cherry Credits customer service has been helpful. Sent them an email and within 24 hours, I already received a reply from them asking for a scanned copy of my ID card. I sent it right away and got a reply the next day. Everything went fine until I thought of changing the email address on my account since I no longer have access to it. Doing it is easy as pie, but I never thought of going through verification as well. Arggghh I understand that it's a must though.

Of all the websites I've gone through verification during registration, only Cherry Credits turned it to an ordeal. At first, I tried to reach out to Cherry Credits customer service by following-up after they assisted me with identifying the email address linked to my Dragon Nest username. I was disappointed because I didn't hear anything from them up to this writing. What solved my issue is simply waiting for a miracle to happen. It looks like there's a problem with CC's system. Whenever a website needs to verify my email, I usually receive a link in just a few seconds or minutes. Not an hour or so. With CC, without getting any response from them, I just saw after a day [24 hours], that my inbox was bombarded with spam verification emails. Yap. I tried requesting multiple verification emails from them hoping that one will arrive. Haven't received at least one within 24 hours.

I hope CC will take a look into this so they will know if there's something to fix or not. I'm not really sure if there's a problem with my email or CC's system.

If you're reading this post and tying to verify your email but not getting a link from CC, try to wait too within 48 hours.

I can't receive the verification email for my change email request

I actually remember reading a portion of Q&As on the CC website about the same issue [See screenshot above]. It said support team will advise within 48 hours. I ignored that specific info 'cause I'm not used to waiting for just a verification link within 48 hours. Do they send it manually? XD Hope they don't. It's a shame that CC is using Zendesk and our company does too but with a huge difference with reply time.

Take note, if your email is not verified, you will not be able to log in a game. That's a not-good drawback for gamers though.


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