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This is How to Download Songs from Apple Music to iTunes on a PC All at Once

A few days ago, I published a guide on how to add, download or merge the songs downloaded from Apple Music on an Apple device to iTunes music library on a PC. Now, I'm back with another guide to share about downloading songs from Apple Music all at once on iTunes. Say, you've just merged them to your music library.

It became a challenge for me at first since I'm not seeing any option on iTunes to download Apple Music songs simultaneously. I thought if I enabled Apple Music or iCloud Music Library, songs I have downloaded from my iPhone will be downloaded automatically which is not the case. They just showed up in the music library after doing so, but they are not available offline.

Since downloading each song is a tedious task, I patiently find a way to finish it with just a few clicks and good thing I found a workaround.

It's very simple. Once songs are all listed on your music library, press CTRL + A to select all files in the list, then right-click anywhere on the highlighted in blue area.

Make Available Offline Option

Select "Make Available Offline" and let iTunes download the files. It might take a few minutes or hours depending on your network connection speed and the total number of songs to download.

Activity Icon - Check here the download progress of your songs from Apple Music

You can check the download progress by clicking on the activity icon [the circle one] at the top-right hand corner of the iTunes window.


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