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Tracking an EMS Package in the Philippines

There are various ways to track an EMS package in the Philippines, and the most conventional method is by using the PhilPost's tracker. In this guide, I will share how to do it.

Tracking an EMS Parcel

1. Go to the official PhlPost's website.

2. Click Track and Trace at the left-hand corner.

3. On the next page, enter the tracking number, or international item identifier in the box provided.

PhlPost Track and Trace Tool is used in tracking an EMS package, air parcel, registered mail, etc

A standard EMS tracking number has 13 alphanumeric characters. It starts with two letters (E-), followed by 9 random numbers, and it ends with the abbreviation of the originating country. Here's an example: EM123456789KR

It doesn't matter whether you enter the letters in lower case.

4. Click the Find button.

Shipment updates will appear on the next page.

EMS Shipment Updates

No Record Found

If you get a 'No Record Found', first, verify the tracking number is correct. Second, if the parcel was sent two, or three days ago, it might be that it did not arrive yet in the country. And lastly, PhlPost's track and trace tool is not real-time. Even if they updated the shipment status, the information may appear after a few hours, or the next day.

Alternatively, you may call PhlPost to inquire the status of your package. Get the numbers here. Or, send them an email at ems.cs[at]phlpost[dot]gov[dot]ph

Just to set your expectation, you might have a hard time reaching them over the phone. Hence, it's better to email them.

PhilPost is open from 9AM until 5PM, Mondays to Fridays (excluding regular holidays, and special non-working days).

The Page Cannot be Displayed

If you get 'The page cannot be displayed' or 'This webpage is not available' error, track the parcel instead on the official tracking website of the originating country, or go to this link.

Extra Tip

You can track a registered mail and an air parcel (inbound and outbound) on the PhlPost tracker. You can also send an email to amed[dot]supportservices[at]phlpost[dot]gov[dot]ph, or call 2-8541641, 2-8540086, or 2-5844670.

A registered mail tracking number starts with 'R', and 'C' for an air parcel.


  • September 15, 2013 - PhlPost website is revamped. The tracking procedure is updated.
  • January 19, 2015 - Added new email address of EMS customer service, and support team for air parcel and registered mail.


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  1. Hi!! Thanks for the info. I'm one step closer to locating my EMS parcels! I'm still trying to look for a provincial contact, like Cebu!

    1. You can get a number here: The option is straightforward. There are actually many PhilPost offices in Cebu. Just find the nearest one to your location.

  2. After the status "recieve item at delivery office"
    how long..... will it take to be delivered in our city province? Status last update was feb 20. It's march 2 already. If u just have any idea?

  3. Track and trace link is down at PhlPost site.

    1. Lol. What to expect. You'd rather track your package using the originating country's tracking tool if it was shipped overseas.