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Retrieving an Itinerary Receipt on the Cebu Pacific Website (Non-GETGO Members)

Need a copy of an itinerary receipt?

If you have booked a flight on the Cebu Pacific website as a guest, and paid it online or through a payment center, you can retrieve a copy of the itinerary receipt anytime by following the steps below.

Note: Please use a secure web browser and an on-screen keyboard tool if you are going to pull up a record using a debit or credit card.

Retrieving a Booking or Itinerary Receipt

1. Go to the Cebu Pacific website.

2. Select 'View Itinerary' under the 'Manage Booking' option.

View Itinerary option on the Cebu Pacific Website

3. On the next page, you will be provided with three options to retrieve a booking. Choose one of the following and enter the required information.
  • Confirmation and credit card no.
  • Confirmation number, email address, from and to travel locations, or;
  • Confirmation number, given and last name.
Retrieve your booking by filling out one of the options provided

Note: A confirmation number is an alphanumeric code, usually six characters, for example L7U8MC, that is provided once the payment is processed and verified. You will not be able to pull up an itinerary using a 14-digit booking no. which is temporarily assigned to a reservation to be paid in a bank, or business center.

You may enter a confirmation number in lower case like in the screenshot above.

As per Cebu Pacific, an itinerary receipt for a booking paid at a bank or a business center can be retrieved on the website after a day.

If the payment was processed on a weekend, the itinerary receipt will be ready for viewing on Tuesday.

Bookings paid in some business centers like SM have a confirmation number same with Cebu Pacific which can be used to retrieve a record online. If the reference no. provided on the receipt is different, you may try filling out option three randomly, and let the system detect that the information is incorrect in order for another set of options to appear where you can search using the departure date, email address, and travel locations.

4. Click Continue. A short summary of the booking will be shown on the screen if the information matched a record on file.

A short summary of an itinerary

5. Click Continue again to view the full details of the itinerary. A button is provided on the next page if you want to print a copy.

Take note, an itinerary receipt is different from a payment receipt. It is usually presented to check in together with a valid ID.

You can get a copy of the payment receipt online as long as the flight is via Cebu Pacific. A separate button will be provided in the itinerary page to print an O.R.

The steps above are also applicable to retrieving a booking that is fulfilled by Tigerair Philippines.

- - -

Aside from viewing or printing an itinerary, you can also buy meals, purchase travel insurance, change seat, request cancellation, include a baggage allowance, check-in, print a boarding pass, et cetera, without signing up for a GETGO account, and paying a hundred fifty pesos membership fee. To do so, just hover the mouse cursor over "Manage Booking", then select the transaction you want in the list. Enter the required information on the next page. After that, click on the Continue button to proceed.

If you have viewed an itinerary, you can manage it further without entering the same information again by hovering the mouse cursor over to 'Manage Booking', then select a transaction. The details will be shown automatically on the next page.


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  1. Hi Jerry!

    I just booked a flight as a registered member and I still didn't get a copy of the itinerary in my email. Would you know how I could get them to send a copy to my email without me calling the hotline?

    Also (and this is slight off-topic), have you already tried their GetGo loyalty program? I'm trying to sign up via their website but I'm just getting a bunch of errors. How long did you wait for your membership card? Have you tried redeeming points from your Cebu Pacific bookings? Can you still get points from uber cheap Promo Fares? I've gone through their FAQ page and I don't think there were any rules regarding the type of fare to purchase to gain points.