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EMS Philippines Contact Numbers

Here is a list of contact numbers that you can use to reach the EMS department in Central Mail Exchange Center (CMEC) Pasay, Manila.

Note: EMS, an abbreviation for Express Mail Service, is a type of shipping service. It is not a third-party or a private company like FedEx, DHL, or UPS. Packages sent through EMS, locally or internationally, is handled by PhlPost which is the local postal administration of the Republic of the Philippines.

EMS Philippines Local Numbers

  • 02 - 854 - 5148
  • 02 - 854 - 5257
  • 02 - 854 - 4621
  • 02 - 854 - 3580
  • 02 - 854 - 0888 (PhlPost)
  • 02 - 854 - 9825
  • 09225335918 (SMS only)

Based on my personal experience including the previous comments on this post, it's really difficult to get in touch with the EMS department. I advise you call them in the morning, preferably 9 AM to avoid long wait and busy line.
Bear in mind that PhlPost doesn't have contact center. The phone numbers provided above are just regular numbers that you can call to inquire or complain.

Alternatively, you can contact EMS through the following ways:


  • 02 - 854 - 4621


If you're having trouble calling EMS, you can send an inquiry through email instead.

PhlPost monitors these email addresses from time-to-time.

Office Hours

PhlPost is open from Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM.

Go to this page to check the official list of regular holidays and special non-working days in 2015.

Business Address

  • Central Mail Exchange Center, Philippine Postal Corporation, Domestic Road, 1300 Pasay City Metro Manila, Philippines

See map below for your reference.

You can drop-by to CMEC Pasay to pick up your package with or without notice if your EMS package was held by customs.

PhlPost will send a notice through the mail if they will require you to pick up your package.

If you are located outside Metro Manila, I advise you call EMS, or email them if you want to make a follow-up regarding your pending package.

CMEC Post Office Location - EMS Philippines
CMEC Post Office Location - View in a new tab, or click the image to enlarge.


  • December 29, 2014 - Added one PhlPost Contact number (854-0888)
  • Added information about Express Mail Service.
  • Added link for regular holidays and special non-working days in 2015.
  • January 8, 2015 - Added email address:
  • Added two phone numbers: 02 - 854 - 9825, and 09225335918


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  1. Replies
    1. Are you referring to the extension number being asked by the IVRS when you call PhlPost? Actually, I have no idea. I don't have any friends working there. XD

  2. [UPDATE] To those who are trying to phone PhlPost, please read this:

    Good day,

    Our phone system is down as of this time. With these, please provide us
    an accurate tracking number of your mail to facilitate tracing.

    Thank you

    EMS CS

    ~ This is the reply I received from EMS Customer Service last January 15, 2015. I tried to send them an email to know what's going on with their contact numbers. In the meantime, you may send them an email while waiting for their system to be fixed.

  3. Hello po, been sending 4 emails to EMS with complete information but unfortunately didn't hear any response from them. Really disappointed on my parcel.

    1. When did you initially send an email? PhlPost in Manila is close from January 15 until today since the government declared the said dates as special non-working days due to Papal visit.

  4. Hi! I received a notice card from them. I don't know what item it is for me and where it came from, I tried contacting all the numbers you listed but to no avail I failed. Any other means to contact them? Just want to be sure that this isn't a scam or new modus.

    1. If you received a notice card, it might come from the nearest local post office to your place. Try to get the phone number here:, so you can confirm with them if you really have a package pending for claiming.

  5. hey there. is it required to pay another 100 pesos if the courier guy deliver my mail to my family? the reason why is i sent mail from Canada and paid more than 70$ and when the courier guy deliver it to my home he asked my family to pay him another 100pesos

    1. The recently-50-pesos is now PHP100.00 just to confirm. Whenever I pick up a package directly in our local post office, the assigned personnel is always asking for the said amount for PTCC (correct me if I'm wrong) or whatnot. So, whether a courier delivers a package or an addressee picks it up personally, a PHP100.00-PTCC payment is a must. It is not included with any tax or duty paid prior to shipment and must be settled upon claiming or handing over the parcel.

  6. "You can drop-by to CMEC Pasay to pick up your package with or without notice if your EMS package was held by customs"
    Good day, i would like to inquire regarding this reminder. was your package held by the customs as well? If so, do i need to pay anything upon claiming my package?
    Many thanks!

    1. You won't know unless they declare the total amount you need to settle on the notice they sent you, or until you claim your package in CMEC. It's advisable to bring cash with you just in case.

  7. If someone is residing outside Manila but is living near Manila, say Nueva Ecija or Bulacan, will they require one to go there to Pasay to claim it? Or can I just wait in my province?

    1. Just wait. They will forward it to your local post office.

  8. Hi Jerry,

    Quick q's if you may-

    > Does their SMS number work?
    > My trace indicated my pack was "handed over to customs", does it mean it is being held there?
    > If so since I paid delivery to my address in MNL will they still do it?
    > If not why would I need to pay them again since I paid the service via EMS and shouldn't that cover the "bailout"?

    Quite ridiculous. Any help would be great. Thanks!

  9. Hi. I've purchased some cosmetics in Korea for four times already and I got no problems receiving them. I always get my packages at my local post office. But my fifth order is different. It is my first time to encounter that my parcel has been forwarded to customs. So does that mean that I'm going to pay the rocket-high taxes here in my local post office? I loved outside of Manila by the way. And I'm already getting nervous if I'll receive that dreadful notice from post office. Please advice. Thank you so much!

    1. It's 50/50. It's either you'll pay tax or not. Just wait for the package to be forwarded to your local post office and they will let you know. OR, contact EMS using one of the contact details provided in the post, then ask them about the status of your parcel.

    2. Do they always send to the local PO? I live in Cavite and everytime I need to go to Pasay to claim my EMS. I tried waiting for more than a week one time but it was never delivered to the local PO until I gave up and did the usual thing. Maybe because the customs take a lot of time inspecting? Though I'd rather be there when they check the contents. All this defeats the purpose of a faster delivery time IMHO.

  10. Hi! I just want to clarify something about how EMS works, so if i am going to order an item abroad (outside Philippines) and the courier used is EMS, so this said courier will just deliver my item directly to our local post office? Not to the customs office?

    1. EMS is operated by PhilPost. If you purchased an item abroad and shipped it via EMS, the package should be delivered door-to-door. It's possible that your local post office will request you to pick it up personally. There's also a possibility that your item will be held temporarily for customs examination. Meaning, the item will be put on pending or retention status until customs cleared it. It's either you will pay tax or not. After it's cleared, PhilPost will forward it to your local post office. It's up to them whether they will deliver it to your house or you will pick it up. You'll do the latter most probably if you will pay tax.

  11. Hi! Has anyone of you experienced sending a parcel from the Philippines to abroad? I am planning to send a pair of my shoes and jacket from the Philippines to here in Germany. I've read some bad comments about EMS on their facebook page. Also, my mom will be dropping/sending the packge from our local post office thru EMS, I hope it will be fast and I hope our local post office knows something about this EMS thing.