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Smart Postpaid Account Cancellation

Planning to cancel your Smart Postpaid account? If yes, this post will help you learn more about the process.

First of all, let me just share that cancelling a postpaid account is very easy. What I mean is it only takes a few minutes for an officer in a Smart Store to process it, but you might go through an ordeal if, for example you have a pending retention application.

You can request voluntary account cancellation, or disconnection at any time, for whatever reason, whether the account is still within the contract period, or not.


Here are the things to consider before dropping by to any Smart Wireless Center:

Note: Some are not applicable to Freedom Plan.
  • Pending Retention Application - Whether your account is still within the contract period or not, and if you phoned *887, the Retention hotline, to apply for a renewal, upgrade, or whatever, please take note that an officer in Smart Store may not be able to process the cancellation request. Thus, do not waste your efforts. Call *887 or 848-8877 first, and tell them to cancel your pending application. Processing is within seven business days, however it might take a few weeks or a month based on the reviews I read online. In my experience though, my last application was cancelled within 24 hours.
  • Termination Fee - This is what shocks some subscribers. If you have read the contract thoroughly when you applied or picked up the plan device, you should be aware of this. The rule is very simple. If the account is still within the contract period, you might pay an early termination fee (ETF), and you must prepare cash or credit card. If not, you are not liable to pay such. If you want to know the possible termination fee you might pay, call *888.
  • Contract Expiration Date - To request account cancellation without paying a termination fee, you may drop by to any wireless center starting the day after the contract is finished. For example, if the contract expiry date is on the 25th of July, you may drop by to a Smart Store on any day after the said date. If you do not know the contract end-date of your account, you may call *888 or log in to My Smart.
  • Pay the Outstanding Balance - Log in to My Smart to check your balance and pay it before requesting account cancellation. You may also check your bill through the Smart Menu on your cell phone.
  • Smart Money - If you have a Smart Money account linked to your postpaid number, you must prepare a letter, and a valid ID to request re-assignment. Processing is within 24 hours (based on the time frame provided in reference number 3 below). Please call customer service (*888) for the list of important details to include in the letter of request, for example 16-digit card number, new phone number (Prepaid or Talk N' text), reason, et cetera.
  • Phone Number - Take note, if you request permanent disconnection, the service will be terminated within the day of processing. It is final, and you will not be able to re-activate the account or phone number. If undecided, whether to keep the service or not, and you do not want to be billed temporarily, or you are hesitating to lose your number, you may request "temporary disconnection" in any Smart Store. It is available to Gold and Infinity subscribers. There is a fee of PHP336.00 for accounts still within the contract period, and for out-of-contract, it is free. A subscriber has six months from the day the request was processed to re-activate an account (reconnection). If not, it will be terminated permanently. It is required to pay any outstanding balance to avail temporary disconnection.


Ready to cancel? Just make sure to bring with you a valid identification (ID), and letter(s) if necessary, say you need to re-link your Smart Money card to another number. Also, bring the SIM and the device just in case the officer will ask for it.

Note: If your account is still within the contract period, again, call *888 first and inquire about the possible termination fee so you can prepare cash, debit, or credit card to settle the payment.

How to Request Account Cancellation

The following steps are based on an out-of-contract account. If yours is within the contract period, there might be an additional step where you need to settle a termination fee or whatever. Remember, voluntary account disconnection is processed in Smart Stores only.

1. Go to any Smart Wireless Center. They usually open at 10 in the morning during weekdays, and 9AM during weekends. Go here for the Store Locator.

2. Get a service number, and wait for your turn.

3. Present your ID and fill out an Aftersales Acknowledgement Receipt, and whatever form the officer will give you. It is a good practice to read carefully what you are signing.

4. Submit the forms, and wait for the officer to process it. The request will take effect within the day. You will know if you check the network status of your phone. You might see a "No Service" error like below, or whatever depending on the device model.

No Service - An example of a network status after the account cancellation

Congratulations! The account is now cancelled. Like what I have mentioned in the introduction of this post, the disconnection process will only take a few minutes.

The officer will give you a white form to confirm receipt of the request. The device is yours to keep. The contacts on the SIM card will not be deleted so you can sync it to another number.


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