How Strict is Cebu Pacific When It Comes to a Realignment Request?

A week ago, I published a review about Cebu Pacific's policy and leniency regarding a carry-on baggage's size and weight. Now, in this post, I'm going to tackle a flight schedule realignment.

If you booked a flight in advance, say six months ahead, there's a chance that your flight schedule will be cancelled and will be realigned to an earlier time or later on the same day. There's a possibility as well that it will be moved to the following day whatever the valid reason Cebu Pacific has for doing so. Usually, if a flight schedule has been realigned, Cebu Pacific will send out a notification to affected passengers via email.

How Strict is Cebu Pacific When It Comes to a Realignment Request?

Lenient. That's how I am going to describe Cebu Pacific as well when it comes to realignment request. Take note, I used the word "request" which means passenger-initiated request. Is that possible? Yes, it is. Say, you will check in two hours before your departure, you may request a re-alignment, for example an earlier flight if you want as long as you can back it up.

Recently, I went to Boracay together with my colleagues and we have different schedules. The first group's departure is scheduled at 5:30 a.m. We were re-aligned as offered by the Cebu Pacific personnel at the check-in counter. We agreed to it as it will be an advantage to us. The early the arrival, the better. Since we have a friend who will fly solo at 11:00 a.m. and who arrived very early at the airport to meet us, we suggested to her to request a re-alignment. She only mentioned that she have friends inside the boarding area already and the lady at the counter approved it. In short, she was transferred to our flight schedule which is great.

Cebu Pacific Boarding Pass

She didn't only do that before our flight to Boracay but during check-in too for our return flight. She mentioned that she wants to join us and we backed her up during her discussion with the Cebu Pacific representative in Caticlan airport. It took only a few minutes before the rep returned to us to deliver the great news that the request has been approved. XD It's free. No change fee or whatsoever.
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Is Cebu Pacific Strict About a Carry-on Baggage Weight and Size?

Every passenger is allowed one carry-on or cabin baggage, with a maximum weight of 7kg. Maximum allowed dimensions are 56cm x 36cm x 23cm for Airbus flights and 56cm x 35cm x 20cm for ATR flights.

The guidelines from Cebu Pacific are clear. However, do passengers follow it? If you are flying for the first time, either to a local place or to a foreign country, you might wonder about the carry-on baggage restrictions and two of them are the weight and size. I also thought of the same before until I realized what to bring on my following flights.


Is Cebu Pacific Lenient?

As what I have observed and to answer the title of this post, Cebu Pacific is not that strict with carry-on baggage. During my first-ever trip, I checked in my bag instead of bringing it on board because I'm afraid Cebu Pacific will notice how big it is only to see other co-passengers holding large baggage in the plane and those seem heavy [beyond maximum weight] too than mine. That is the time I realized that Cebu Pacific isn't that strict that they will make sure that the size and weight of a carry-on baggage complies to their policy.

If my memory serves me right, the maximum weight for a carry-on baggage for flights bound to Boracay is 5 kg, but per my observation [since I always go there for a vacation], most of my friends or colleagues' baggage weight is beyond the limit. Cebu Pacific weighs a passenger's baggage during check-in for balancing purposes but they don't really mind the weight.

I created this post to share my own observation and for the benefit of those who will fly for the first time. I'm not giving an impression that anyone is free to bring a baggage of their preferred size and weight. Just make sure to bring an acceptable one and use your best judgment. Following the Cebu Pacific's carry-on baggage policy is a good thing too. After all, it's more convenient to bring a light baggage during a travel. Just make sure not to bring any prohibited item such as a liquid in a container beyond the 100mL limit, flammable things, et cetera.


"Cebu Pacific Air - Why everyone flies" Cebu Pacific. Retrieved on October 22, 2015 from
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Workaround: "Your Credit Card Ending in XXXX Has Been Deemed Invalid. Please Update Your Billing Settings"

Are you getting a "Your credit card ending in XXXX has been deemed invalid. Please update your billing settings." pop-up when requesting a ride on your Uber app? I also got the same a few days ago and it really surprised me as my card was working fine for a couple of months since the day I linked it to my account. Just what happened?

I haven't used the app for a couple of days because of it and I was informed that there's nothing wrong or any restriction on my account. The only workaround that fixed the issue is by re-entering the CVV code or number of the card I'm using on the app under the Payment tab. So, if you're getting the same error, you might do the same and see if it will work for you.

How to Update Your Card's CVV Code on the Uber App

Updating the CVV code of the card linked to your account is a piece of cake. Just log in to your account or simply open the app on your smartphone, tablet or whatnot, then tap on the menu icon at the top-left corner to pull up the options. See screenshot below [grabbed from an iPhone].

Uber app interface [iPhone]

Tap on PAYMENT in the list.

Menu options on the Uber app
Menu options on the Uber app
On the next page, select the card you wish to update.

Payment page
Payment page
Tap on the pencil [edit] icon at the top-right corner.

Selected payment method screen with an option to edit
Selected payment method screen with an option to edit
Enter the CVV code in the box provided. Tap SAVE to complete the update.

Edit credit card details

Please take note that this procedure might trigger the Uber system to process an authorization hold to confirm that your card has enough funds, active or valid. The small amount that will reflect on your banking statement is only a temporary hold which will be re-credited in a few business days.

After updating your card's CVV code on the app, you may try requesting a ride and see if the error will pop up again. You may cancel the request if you want, but make sure to do it within 5 minutes after a driver accepted it to avoid cancellation fee.

Note: If you use your Uber account in a new device, you might encounter the same pop-up discussed in this post. You may try applying the workaround.
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How to Top Up a Dragon Nest Account Using an ePIN from GameX

After you completed the checkout process on the official GameX website, you will be receiving an SMS from 3161 containing your card information such as the number and the ePIN. You need those two to top up your account on the Cherry Credits website. See example below.

Cherry Credits ePIN from GameX

Top Up a Dragon Nest Account Using an ePIN from GameX

Once you have those details, you may now go to, then log in to your CC account by clicking on the Login option at the top-right corner of the home page. On the next page, enter your email address and password, then click Login.

Cherry Credits Login Page

Once you're logged in, click on Top Up at the top-right corner. Scroll down on the next page, then select the GameX logo under e-PIN.

Select GameX under e-PIN

Enter the details sent to you by 3161. Please take note that the serial number is the card number and the code is the ePIN.

Enter the serial number and the security code
Enter the serial number and the security code. For example, CCAOS90902053251 [Serial Number] and 67MC3DDFM6HT [Security Code]

Click on Submit and wait for the successful top-up confirmation. Your total credit will appear real-time on the Cash Shop on the Dragon Nest client. Thus, you can use it immediately to purchase premium items.
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How to Remove or Delete a Song Downloaded from Apple Music on your Music Library [iPhone]

Deleting a song on a Music Library on an iPhone seems to be a piece of cake. Yes, it is. But, with the latest version of the Music app, the option might be "somewhat" hard-to-find for some like me until I found where it is located exactly.

If you wish to remove or delete a song from your Music Library, but not finding the option do so, here's what you can do:

Take note, this guide is applicable to any songs downloaded or made available offline from Apple Music.

Removing or Deleting a Song Downloaded from Apple Music on a Music Library [iPhone]

First, play the song you want to delete on the Music Library. Tap on Mini-player at the bottom of the application until it pulls up the Now Playing screen [the one with the album artwork and playback controls]

Mini-player on Music app [iPhone]
Mini-player on Music app [iPhone]

Tap on the More icon. It's the one with three dots at the bottom-right corner.

Now Playing Screen
Now Playing Screen

Now, select "Remove from My Music". You might tap the same option again to continue the deletion.

Remove from My Music
Remove from My Music Option

You're done. The song should now be removed or deleted from your Music Library. If iCloud Music Library is enabled, the same track will be removed from your other device using the same Apple ID with iCloud Music Library enabled.
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Not Receiving a Verification Email from Cherry Credits

A few days ago, I'd been through an ordeal of identifying which email address is linked to my Dragon Nest user ID since I would like to buy an item for my beloved Kali. Cherry Credits customer service has been helpful. Sent them an email and within 24 hours, I already received a reply from them asking for a scanned copy of my ID card. I sent it right away and got a reply the next day. Everything went fine until I thought of changing the email address on my account since I no longer have access to it. Doing it is easy as pie, but I never thought of going through verification as well. Arggghh I understand that it's a must though.

Of all the websites I've gone through verification during registration, only Cherry Credits turned it to an ordeal. At first, I tried to reach out to Cherry Credits customer service by following-up after they assisted me with identifying the email address linked to my Dragon Nest username. I was disappointed because I didn't hear anything from them up to this writing. What solved my issue is simply waiting for a miracle to happen. It looks like there's a problem with CC's system. Whenever a website needs to verify my email, I usually receive a link in just a few seconds or minutes. Not an hour or so. With CC, without getting any response from them, I just saw after a day [24 hours], that my inbox was bombarded with spam verification emails. Yap. I tried requesting multiple verification emails from them hoping that one will arrive. Haven't received at least one within 24 hours.

I hope CC will take a look into this so they will know if there's something to fix or not. I'm not really sure if there's a problem with my email or CC's system.

If you're reading this post and tying to verify your email but not getting a link from CC, try to wait too within 48 hours.

I can't receive the verification email for my change email request

I actually remember reading a portion of Q&As on the CC website about the same issue [See screenshot above]. It said support team will advise within 48 hours. I ignored that specific info 'cause I'm not used to waiting for just a verification link within 48 hours. Do they send it manually? XD Hope they don't. It's a shame that CC is using Zendesk and our company does too but with a huge difference with reply time.

Take note, if your email is not verified, you will not be able to log in a game. That's a not-good drawback for gamers though.
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Add New Songs from iCloud Music Library to an iOS Device and Make Them Available Offline

If you enabled iCloud Music Library on your iOS device, for example iPhone, all of the songs you have added to your music library from Apple Music and downloaded for offline listening are accessible to your other iOS devices if you are using the same Apple ID and iCloud Music Library is activated.

If the device you wish to update the music library is connected to the internet, Music app will automatically detect and add the new songs you downloaded previously on your other gadget. Take note, it will only add the new songs from your iCloud Music Library to the list. If you want to make them available offline, what you need to do is go to the Playlist tab and find "Recently Added" in the list.

Recently Played Playlist
Recently Played Playlist

Now, tap on the three-dot icon [More] on its right and select "Make Available Offline".

Make Available Offline option
Make Available Offline option

The Music app will download the non-offline songs on your Music Library simultaneously. It might take a few minutes depending on the internet speed and the total number of songs to download.

Music app downloads the songs and make them available offline

If a song is not available offline, it will be grayed out once your device is disconnected to the internet and will only play if re-connected again to a network, for example WiFi.

Once downloaded, you may now play your songs anytime and internet connection will not be a requirement.

Go to this page if you want to add new songs from your iCloud Music Library to iTunes on a PC and download them all at once instead of one-by-one.

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